Heart Sick

I heard somewhere that the heavier your heart gets, the stronger you have to be to keep carrying it around.
I’m feeling that today. Day in and and day out, dealing with what’s left behind by humans who don’t care. . . animals hurt, injured, orphaned, abandoned. Every day I love animals more and love people less. If you see me out and about, or if you come by the shelter, and I have a vacant stare. . . my thoughts are probably still with the last “situation” I handled. . . the last person who brought in unweaned kittens, but left the mother behind, the last person who dumped her elderly mother’s beloved lap pet at the shelter because mom can’t care for it anymore, the last person who starved a dog to a remnant of its former self while it was chained to a tree in the yard, the last person who left a collar on a puppy until it grew deeply embedded into the adult dog’s flesh, the last person who yelled at me because I haven’t returned her call yet, the last person who threatened to kill me because he didn’t come to the shelter in time to reclaim his dog, the last person who called me at 10:30 at night because she has a pet emergency and she doesn’t want to drive to Pearland, the last person who abandoned a pregnant cat in a box on the carport, the last person who needed a “special favor” because she has a “special” situation, the last person who . . .
Thank God for my wonderful family and friends, our hard-working and compassionate shelter staff, and our absolutely fabulous volunteers. Without these reminders of human goodness, I would not be able to continue.
I’m tired today. Tomorrow will be better. It has to be.

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