Change is Hard

November 25, 2014.

That day was 482 days ago. It is an important date to me. It is the last day that an animal died at the SPCA of Brazoria County for no good reason. I am proud that I can honestly say that the homeless pets who find themselves at the SPCA-BC are only euthanized if they are sick or injured beyond any reasonable ability to save them or if they are so aggressive that there is not a reasonable chance of rehabilitation.

Euthanasia is Greek for “good death.” Killing an animal for no reason is not a good death. . . it is killing. I became Executive Director of the SPCA of Brazoria County on New Year’s Day of 2013 because I was compelled to do something to stop the killing of animals who deserved to live. I decided to make a difference.

I did not do this alone. Change is hard, and there is only one staff member still at the SPCA-BC who was there when I started. Thank you, Susan Willard, for being by my side and carrying part of my burden on this hard journey.

I did not do this alone. Change is hard, and my family has suffered through my tears, my absence, my insomnia, my irritability, my distraction. They have supported me unwaveringly. They volunteer, they donate, they pray, they love. They give me a peaceful place to retreat.

I did not do this alone. I am honored to work beside the most passionate people I have ever had the pleasure to know. Our shelter team is the best you will find anywhere. They work long, hard hours and sometimes see the things that your worst nightmares are made of. But they keep going, driven by their conviction that what they do is good and the pets they save are worthy.

I did not do this alone. Our community has stepped up in ways that I never could have imagined. Volunteers, Fosters, Donors, Networkers, Rescuers. We walk this path together because every single wet nose is deserving of all that we have to give. We laugh together, we cry together, we get angry together, and we support each other. We have to because change is hard. But the rewards are magnificent. So we also celebrate together.

I did not do this alone, and I will not continue this alone. We have only completed the very beginning of our journey. We still have much to do. Pets in Brazoria County are still being killed for no good reason.

Please walk with me the rest of the way. Animals shouldn’t die for nothing. Life means something. Let’s do this together. Because they are worth it.


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