About Me. . .

I am a wife, a mom, a retired attorney, a veterinary practice manager, a dog trainer & cat wrangler, an entrepreneur, the former director of a no kill animal shelter/non-profit, and a seventh-generation Texan. My husband, Jason, and I share our home with a houseful of pets: Yzma and Lupita, our rescued smalls; Q and Kia, our rescued bigs; Pita and Emmett, our hairless cats; Itten Rick Cotton Judas, our kitty with hair; and Kenny, Kevin, & ChiChi, the outside cats who keep things real and remind us each morning that breakfast is served at 7:00 am sharp. Our daughters, Claudia and Isabella, are in college which gives us a great excuse to spend weekends in College Station or Austin. . . not a bad gig at all.

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